Tuesday, July 29, 2008


See this hole there, this is where I keep your remarks.The feeling is mutual at this point on high scale with different punctuations. There is a tug and a pull that requires a purpose to be left in a corner to wait. If you are going to be so mean at least pull the strings tighter because I can still breath at this point.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

David Lynch and Shoes

Last year David Lynch (master of film) and shoe designer Christian Louboutin paired on this erotic fetish photography project. You can see more of the photographs at this link http://www.wallpaper.com/art/fetish-by-louboutin-and-lynch/1811

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Zapatos y Pies .01

Loving the apron too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Flutter .01

This a photograph from a series that Carmen Luceno, one of my favorite photographers did for The Velvet Hammer Burlesque.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

From the Sound of You

The party peaked as the dawn broke. The sun continued to lift and pull my feelings to surface with every minute. The drugs I took almost an hour ago was nudging my heart open and pushing my limbs down with the palpating weight of love. I left the dance floor and walked slowly towards the field of yellow wildflowers that seemed to blanket the small valley east of the dance floor. During the evening I had no idea that this beautiful field even existed. I walked faster through the flowers making pavements. I felt as if I was running and my fingers were loose and aching with an urge to hold onto something. My eyes began to roll back into my head like slow motion, it felt so good, like masturbation when you really take your time.

“Matilda wait!” I heard in a distance. I opened my eyes and turned around, I hadn’t realized that I had been walking with my eyes closed. Benjamin ran up to me as I was far into this field and far off from everyone and everything. I could hear the music in the distance and then it was suddenly quiet. “Where are you going?” he said. “I don’t know, I feel really good though.” I said carefully. “Oh, I thought something was wrong” he said. “Not at all, I just had to get away for a moment.” His eyes were so clear and olive with a hint of grey & brown. His heart was peeled open as was mine. “You’re spontaneous and lovely” he said. My heart was so full of possibility that I didn’t flinch at the compliment but rather reciprocated with “No, YOU are.” From where we were standing, no one could really see us as I had walked around a bend of the hill. It was just me, him, the wildflowers and a distant beat. I was trying to think about what was going to happen next because I really wanted to kiss him but I didn’t want to be a slut. How could I be a slut though? It felt more then just mere attraction. I felt a connection with him. The kind where you don’t say words but look in the eyes and know. The kind where I wouldn’t need to see him everyday and would be okay. The connection that could take him away from me for 17 years and I would still know him. I am thinking these things and then I am saying “No, YOU are beautiful”.

Benjamin walked up to me with a quiet stare. I could feel his heat and everything that he was feeling as it was everything I was feeling. I looked up at his face and every hair was messy and placed perfect. I wanted to touch him and without thinking I stroked the side of his face. His lips were blush tender wet and the sunlight coming over the mountainside touched upon them with a delicacy that was pulling me out of my skin. I ached to press my mouth to his. I think he knew this because he smiled as I thought it and all this quiet drug induced intensity made me shy and I then said “I have to pee”. “I do too” he said. I turned around and bounced off a few steps and found a place to do my business. He had his back toward me and I could see him peeing from where I was. Dirty thoughts rushed through me as I squat like a rabbit. I thought of me on my knees looking up at him. His hands with his sleeve pulled over the palm cupping the side of my face as I wrap my mouth around him. I am thinking this like a dirty girl intoxicated in a field of flowers peeing. With this release I felt my ecstasy amplify. As I was finished and I stood up Benjamin had already walked over to me.

He grabbed me and pulled me down onto the throw of wildflowers, yellow all around us now. His hands were warm and big as he combed the side of my hair with his big hands and kissed my bottom lip, then neck. Everything about him was consuming and I surrendered my self esteem, I wasn’t shy anymore for him. I was full with yellow desire. We rolled around and pushed and pulled against each other. Breathing lovely sounds in the quiet and electronic vibrations in the distance. My panties still around my thighs I lay on my back and giggled and found my hands moving between his legs. "What are you doing" I am saying in my head but his eyes were closed and I am so magnetic and unstoppable. He put his hands over my hands as I propped myself up on my knees and pushed his torso down with my forehead. All I felt was the wave of euphoric warmth as I devoured his sex with my mouth. Then I sinuously rolled a kiss to his mouth. “I want to know you for a long time with nothing suffocating attatched” I said. He cradled my face “No, I want to know you for a long time” he said and we rolled into a mushroom ecstasy induced coma.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008


"Dreaming of Ophelia"
This painting is by Jared Joslin.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Like Cats Do Sometimes

There was something that lingered in the air that evening, green gas with scales, climbing in all the holes. I couldn't breath. There was a blind on my eyes. All I saw was the green, the smoke and the stench of you. Nothing I feel or see at thing point is kind. Your lips in a formation. Your eyes say different at this very point but you are far too distant in this circle and I am trying on a new pair of shoes as we speak.
So here I am on my pedestal and I am throwing weight off my shoulders and smoking the peace pipe while touching myself where only I can feel me. I take this opportunity away from you to teach you a lesson. I take everything away to feel you panic. Remember that I warned you. I told you sometimes I don't play nice, but you were the one that put the rope in my hand. You told me to push my blue fire into you. So I did... I just wasn't wanting you to scratch back. This isn't how it works little girl so, learn your lesson and shut your fucking mouth.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sandalwood Rising

I could almost find you in the dark
Set up as a protection barrier
Amongst the stained paper pile
That's how much I feel you still
While making a mark

Morning awakens the drum
In a lifting attempt
I beckon you with demanding strides
I emboss a request
Drink lemons from an old lady's garden

Closing my eyes I can see 3 branches in your hand
One for yesterday
One for tomorrow
One for now
As my kiss on the side of your neck
Rides side saddle
Igniting dried lavender
Behind the knees
To warm these hands

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sometimes Erotic (((Art .02)))

I've been intrigued by the art of Miss Van for a while now.
Her juicy girls win me over. Her line work intoxicating.
Nothing is more sexier then a woman who does graffiti.
Nothing is more exciting when she crosses it over into the
galleries. Yeah Miss Van.

A Different Kind Of Breakfast

Hands on the floor
She welcomes the early solemn praise
With a spread of surprise taken
Fingers lift from behind
Through a search she is found
Peeling layers as business owned
Rounded skin exposed
Head under toe
Outstretched hair for tentacles
Deep digging
Making sand castles beneath folds
Many waves taken over
The release of the baggage claim crashes
With the morning bell

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Gay Boy In You


Morning Menu

The mouth is a parachute vacuum
I am ever so willing to take you all into me
Arms stretch in a ritualistic balance
Ringing room service
With your spill

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ice Driver

The phone rings and I imagine you getting up from your chair in the next room and coming over to the phone. As you see my name light up in bright blue, you hesitate to pick up the phone. I know you want to but you choose to make me wait. Give me something to worry about. This makes me peel over in my fire.
This makes you feel something that you can't quite explain to yourself or anyone, but you like this powerful feeling. I admit that I like you feeling this too, that is why I keep offering myself up as a sacrifice. You never knew that you were a sadist did you?
Did you ever think for moment that perhaps you are doing everything that I ordered in red pencil. I want you to forget about me and then remember me, like you seem to do so well. I expect this, I demand it. I want you to ignore my letters, then pick and choose a moment for me. At least I know when you decide to put your finger on me that you have really thought long and hard about me. For this I bend over. For this I am here for you on my knees. Like you said you wanted me.
This feeling of being put on your hold leaves the excitement of your horrible beauty lingering for days. Weeks. Months. Please continue to make me feel this cold with your ice... then right when I am going to freeze over remind me again of why I love you with a warm whisper.